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seminar: Your dog – Anatomy and balance

Do you want to learn more about the dog’s anatomy and movement?

The course is normally held over a weekend. The goal of this course is to braden your knowledge and understanding of dog in motion. With the purpose of improving whatever activity, you love to do with your dog.

Background to the course

Since I was a boy, I (Gerard O’Shea) was fascinated by anything to do with dogs. And their role as comrades in the modern development of mankind. Think about it, the amazing job dogs contributed to throughout history and culture.

Then I became interested in how the different body types where in perfect match to the job and climate they lived in. Movement was not simply up and down and a triangle in the show ring anymore. The different types of movement represented a history related to each breed. Resulting in breed typical movement.

As I became interested in showing, breeding and eventually judging this knowledge and interest became an enormous benefit in my dog journey. And found that it was equally beneficial to the working and hunting dog person.

It is one of my great pleasures in life to teach this subject to all types of dog lovers. And I have spent many years designing and developing a comprehensive visual program to stimulate all who are interested in the anatomy, various body types and movement of man’s best friend. With rapid development of public opinion regarding the breeding of pedigree dogs we all in the dog world have a moral obligation to understand and value healthy kinetical balance in all breeds. So, understanding body function without exaggeration is the foundation to physical health.

Anatomy can sometimes seem like a heavy subject. But this course is presented to make even the most inexperienced person enlightened and fulfilled.

So, what to expect?

The lecture is aided primarily by a Power Point presentation with close to 200 visual aids. Each participant will receive a handout with the most crucial points of the lecture. Through theatre, humour and verbal explanation I will explain many of the misunderstandings that have developed in the Dog world. How to look at movement not only through angulation but also through the different proportions and body types that exist in dogs.

Why do some dogs stand with a good top line but moves with a bad top line? Are loose elbows really a problem with the elbows? Why do some dogs stand with a strong and straight forehand but when in movement, the forehand is loose and unstable? Why a dog that appears to be built very well standing, may disappoint in movement and why sometimes the dog you expect to move well does not.

The problems we see are seldom where they originate. A person with flat feet can often result in bad knees and consequently create a bad back. And goes to the doctor with a bad back but the problem started with…

I think it is useful to use a lot of metaphors from our everyday life in order to help you to understand what is often considered a difficult subject.

Rather than just pointing out, “this dog moves well or doesn’t move well”, I will show and explain to you why. Many times, being able to specify exactly which bone or proportion is creating the “problem” I really enjoy explaining how to analyse a dog.

Practical information

Weekend class (Sweden and international)
2 days
Time: 4 hours per day
Place: See schedule
Price: 2.500 SEK

Weekly class (only in Sweden)
5 times
Time: 2,5 hours per time
Place: See schedule
Price: 2.500 SEK

Dog Management It is possible to book and arrange for you, your club or kennel. Available for private small or larger groups. See contact us for further information.