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Dog show courses

Dog show training for both beginners and more experienced handlers!

We have a large selection of dog show courses. Whether you are a beginner or have trained for Gerard or Ia O’Shea in the past, there is a course that suits you. In addition to show courses, we also offer workshops in anatomy and a seminar in Dog Management.

How do I book a course?

You can book and pay for your place directly online. We constantly update our web shop with current courses. It is also possible for you, your club or kennel to arrange this lecture. See contact us for more information.

Dog show courses

Drop-in dog show training

We have drop-in show training, perfect for you who have a puppy or young dog but also for experienced dogs and handlers who want to develop more character and charisma or other show-specific elements.

Time: 1 hour per class
Plats: Enköping, Stockholm and Karltorp (Arboga/Örebro)
Price: 250 SEK (More then 1 dog? +125 SEK/dog)

Introduction of handling

A basic course in dog show training, normally held over a weekend. This course is aimed at you who have a larger breed, we have a separate course for table dogs. Your knowledge is built from where you are today, and works towards the goal of a dog and handler, who with attitude and confidence takes the ring.

Time: Weekend course (2 days) or weekly course (4 occasions)
Place: See schedule
Price: 2,250 SEK

Puppy/young dog course

A course for you who have a puppy or young dog (4-12 months) when the course begins. We will on 6 occasions create an introduction for you and your dog where the show ring becomes something positive that the dog loves to be in.

Time: Weekly course (6 occasions, only in Sweden)
Place: See schedule
Price: 2,250 SEK

Table dog course

At today’s shows, your dog is expected to show up on the table, which is not so natural for most dogs. Through years of experience, we have developed many different techniques to help you shape your dog into a star on the table.

Time: Weekend course (2 days) or weekly course (4 occasions)
Place: See schedule
Price: 2,250 SEK

Advanced competition course

If you have trained with your dog for us before, this course will give you the fine-tuning tools you need to succeed! This course is aimed at those of you who have come a long way and now want to learn the small details.

Time: Weekend course (2 days) or weekly course (4 occasions)
Place: See schedule
Price: 2,250 SEK

Frequently asked questions

Can females in season participate?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to allow females in season to participate. Not only are females extra sensitive when in season. It is also takes away the possibility for young males to focus.

As with everything in dog training, we have to show respect for each other.

How much experience do I need?
You are welcome to train with us whether you are a beginner or more experienced. The only course that requires you to have trained for us before is the “Advanced competition Course”.
Do I need a show leach when training my dog?
Your dogs should wear a collar, not a harness. Show leach is can be used but is not a requirement.
What happens if it is bad weather?
Dress according to the weather! If the weather is really bad and the course is cancelled, we will announce it.
What treats/bate should I use?
We recommend you bring soft candy, preferably larger bits, approximately the size of whole meatballs.
Ensure your dog is hungry. As, it will be more difficult to train if the dog is full.
If my dog or myself is ill, is it possible to have a refund?
If you or your dog have become ill and cannot participate in a course that you booked, we will refund provided you have an up-to-date doctor or veterinary note.
My dog has had kennel cough. How long do I need to wait before attending?
If your dog or any other dog you live with has shown any symptoms of kennel cough in the two weeks prior to your booked training, you cannot participate. Veterinary note is needed for refund.
If my dog has any severe problems such as dog aggression, human aggression, extremely insecure etc. How do I let you know?
We highly recommend you inform us of any serious problem contact us to ensure you enter the correct course.
Is it anything extra I need to bring?
On weekend courses or classes longer than one hour we recommend that you bring a suitable crate for your dog, water bowl and home water. And for your comfort a camping chair.