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Dog show training

Dog Show training, what is it really?

In the last 30 years training dogs and animals have developed enormously to the better. But unfortunately, the Dog show world has been very slow to catch up. Most trainers and handlers use many outdated technics to train the show dog.

Stand still – trot – stand still – trot – stand still – trot- stand still – trot- stand still – trot

And it feels exactly as it sounds….

This way of training makes it extremely boring for most dogs. And in some cases, creates huge amount of pressure on the dog. Many of our customers have dogs with problems that have been developed through using traditional way to train.

We at YOUR DOG SWEDEN have a totally different philosophy. We believe in engaging you and your dog to be motivated for high expectation and performance. We believe in training methods such as shaping and targeting which not only is positive for your dog but will also give you a better understanding of how your dog learns.

We do not just want your dog to move – we want them to love to move

We do not just want your dog to stand still – we want them to show themselves when standing

We do not just want your dog to accept the judges – we want your dog to view the judge as a positive

We do not just want your dog on the table – we want your dog to love the table

For more or less 3 decades Gerard has developed countless technics to fulfil all the problems both handlers and show dogs can betray. Since the development of Your Dog Sweden in late 1995 Gerard has done seminars for show dogs and handlers all over the world. And for the last 12 years Ia has worked closely with Gerard both in Sweden and abroad.