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Introduction of handling

The Introduction class in handling is usually held over a weekend, with 3-4 hours per day but can also be held weekly. Your knowledge is built from where you are today and the goal is for you and your dog to take the ring with attitude and confidence. This course is suitable for big breeds, if you have a smaller dog breed, we recommend our table dog course instead.

Day 1

The first day starts off with an introduction and some classroom theory, where Gerard and Ia in an entertaining and humorous way, explains the layout of the course. This the first day focuses mainly on the philosophies and theories needed for modern dog training. All the techniques are initially explained and demonstrated by Gerard and Ia without dogs. He points out numerous of the variations in body signals that we all give out to our dogs without even recognizing, giving an explanation to many occurring (miss) behaviours in the ring.

“Feel-good factor”

The feel-good factor is something Gerard  and Ia tries hard to establish within the group before starting any training. We spend some time breaking down the stress that may occur when you bring  ca 20 dogs, unknown to each other, out for hard work and training. After we have established this feel-good factor, we start working on our communication skills.

The lack of correct trained communication skills and formal examination, combined with stress is probably the main reason as to why so many dogs and handlers have a tough time in the ring.

Day 2

As day 1, Gerard and Ia slowly introduces more and more choreography. Making us look more like handlers, and the dogs more like the show dogs we want them to be.

On this the second day, Gerard and Ia and the class begin to concentrate on all the factors needed to make you and your dog more competitive in the ring. With Gerard’s extensive experience as an international judge and a professional handler, he explains and demonstrates effective methods as how to create a good first impression as well as teaching both dogs and owners how to move with good carriage and forward attitude. We are also taught techniques designed to make our handling more economical when in the ring and short of time. The class finishes off with more theory and a breakdown of home exercises for you and your dog, so that you can create a winning team.

Practical information

Weekend course (Sweden and International)
2 days (often held over a weekend, Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 3-4 hours per day
Place: See schedule
Price: See webshop, for a whole weekend (coffee is included, you bring your own lunch)

Weekly class (only Sweden)
Days: 4 occasions
Time: 1 hour per occasion
Place: See schedule
Price: 2.250 SEK

Maximum number of participants (dogs): approx. 20
Females in season: females in season are not allowed to participate
Dog age: from 4 months
Equipment: The dogs must wear collars, not harnesses.

Tip! Bring a hungry dog and good soft candy, preferably whole meatballs.

It is also possible for you, your club or kennel to arrange this lecture. See contact us for more information. The lecture can be held for you as a private person or smaller and larger groups.

Introduction course


25-26/3: Karlslunde (Ved siden af København)

Plats: Flying Dogz, Møllesvinget 6,
2690 Karlslunde

Tid: Lørdag 13.00-17.00
         Søndag 13.00-17.00

Pris: 2 850 SEK


29-30/4: Kinnared (between Borås & Jönköping)

Plats: Kinnaredshallen, HÖSSNA KINNARED, Ulricehamn

Tid: Saturday kl 13.00-17.00
Sunday: kl 09.00-13.00

Pris: 2 250 SEK