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Seminar: Dog Management

Dog Management
Your dog – Your Relationship

A theoretical seminar for approximately 4 hours. You and your dog will benefit greatly from correct Dog Management. This seminar is aimed for you and everyone who has a dog or dogs, no matter breed or age. The system of Dog Management explains how to nurture the relationship between the dog and you. So you can have the life you want with your dog. It is not just a technic but more a mindset.

The primary tools are the LFF system – LIFE, FOOD and FUN

Which is already an active part of every dog owner’s life. Dog Management will teach you how to utilize what you are already doing in a better way. So therefor it is possible for more or less everyone to achieve high results using this system. The beauty of it is, it requires very little extra time.

The end goal is to teach the dog the value of listening in all situations.

The lecture primarily focuses on how to take the Dog Managements principle from the first day you get your puppy. But of course, there are added technics for those of you who have an older dog or several dogs that need to be reconditioned in order to listen more effectively.

An attentive dog that sees listening to you as valuable is not only more pleasurable to live with but makes life much easier for the dog as well, reducing the number of conflicts and stressful situations. The talk is conducted in a very humorous entertaining fashion with many funny anecdotes related to both dog and human behaviour.

Gerard explains how easy it is to say one thing and show something else. The traps we fall into because we are often overemotional with our dogs. How common phrases like contact or patience can be misunderstood.

Contact with your dog that can be obtained without any dramatic changes, without any special training, long journeys to the professional trainers, but just by understanding the foundation of the relationship between you and your dog and utilizing the lifestyle that is already available to you. This is no fantasy; All you need are knowledge and tools to be successful.

Practical information

Dog Management It is possible to book and arrange for you, your club or kennel. Available for private small or larger groups. See contact us for further information.

Sometimes we hold the lecture Dog Management at our farm in Karltorp. Then you have the opportunity to book your place directly on our booking page.

Price: 350 SEK per person
Time: 4 hours